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Twenty Nine Palms Inn, on the Oasis of Mara - in the middle of the desert.
Where they grow their own fresh herbs for the restaurant, including one of my favorites Rosemary. There's a nice lil' niche a with hammock under thatched sombras. The wild life today consisted of a lonely turtle, in a small lake surrounded by palm trees, with a marooned boat in the middle, . You can even see the Tortise Rock Casino from the property. There's cactus, of course. Cinderella's coach and colorful casitas too. Just behind the office is the pool and restaurant which had beautiful artwork, definitely worth commenting on. We finished our stroll, with a good cup of coffee and desert (I had the wonderful) creme brulee.

Hit them up the next time you need some serious R&R, and tell them Mikey sent you.