Welcome to Mike Smalley's Photographic Art's editorial showcase.

Mike is a free-lance editorial and journalistic photographer based in the South West United States. I'm available for assignments, commissioned portraiture and special events.


From a dear friend -
He sees with clear eyes
takes his pictures with his soul
truth shines through the lens
... by Jewels Nation

About Mike:

A very experienced photographer specializing in event and portraiture photography.

Thank you for viewing my work & sharing my passion for photography.  (Camera) Shutter release is what frees my spirit to soar. My candid images, stage performers, everyday people I see beauty in. In folk's expressions, the sheer joy of living life can be found, especially at these festivals and special events. They are but a small glimpse, what the real world and humanity could be.


Miss Vogue UK - published work

Joshua Tree's Claire Davidson ~ Directed by Dan O'Dowd YouTube Video - director of photography
Colorado Culture Magazine - Featured photo of the band "Greener Grounds" - http://coloradoculture.co/blog/colorado-sounds-greener-grounds 6/22/2016

Cover & Featured, Fest 300 Magazine - Spring Joshua Tree Music Festival (May 19, 2016)  https://www.fest300.com/magazine/people-of-joshua-tree-music-festival-2016

The Sun-Runner - Featured - The Journal of the Real Desert, Joshua Tree, CA / May 9th. 2016 issue 

Festival Sherpa en-counter culture cover and featured

Featured image - SKYLIGHT Webzine - 3rd Ear Experience
Tear Sheet - Synergy International Quarterly Report

International (seniors) Sports Festival, Coachella Valley Weekly

Album Jacket for Oumar Konate

Featured photo critic www.photosig.com

3 showcase images - One Model Place

Videographer - Shakti Fest 2017

Videographer - Bhakti Fest West 2016-2017

Presenter Client - Michael Brian Baker of the Breath Center - Principal and founder - Father at The Breath Center

Entertainer Client - David Newman renowned sacred chant master, recording artist, singer/songwriter, best-selling author, and inspirational teacher.

Event Photographs - Bhakti /Shakti Festivals - 2014-2018

Event photographer for Joshua Tree Harmony Tour (local musicians), http://z1077fm.com/jt-harmony-tour/
Event Photographer - 29 Palms Art Gallery - Sand to Stone Events / Native American Culture and Arts

Event Photographer - Subdued String-band Jamboree, Bellingham, WA 2015

Event Photographer - Joshua Tree Music Festivals October 2010-2017

Event Photographer - Joshua Tree Music Festivals May 2011-2018

Event Photographer - Lucidity Festival 2013 Santa Barbara, CA

Event Photographer - Mojave Desert Land Trust's fundraiser, The 7th annual

Event Photographer - Perseid Meteor Shower Star Party - Integratron, Landers, CA

Featured images on Audio Tek Sound site

Featured images on several musicians/band websites (from "on-stage" angles, examples available upon request): Steven Young (UK), Zulluu, See-i, Dogon Lights, Mexico 68, Yak Attack, RonKat Spearman's Katadelic ... to name a few.

If you wish to have your event documented (small or large) - available for concerts, special events, and private gatherings. 

Prior to focusing on event photography, my focus was on glamour models. Studying individual expression, watching for just the right moment to capture; which provided much of the experience I am able to share with you today.

I'd most sincerely welcome bookings or comments thru this site or by my direct contact info.: [email protected] / 760-799-6991 (*Disclaimer - Occasionally there are a few folks not happy with a particular image - I respect that, and will immediately remove any images on this site, by written/emailed request).

Thank you and blessings to one and all.